Sky Shower

Most rain showers on the market today are flat with finishes limited to chrome or satin steel. These finishes look spectacular in commercial kitchens, but stand out as blemishes in high and residential bathrooms.

Given the choice, clients opt for soft finishes and get drawn in by the possibility of mixing and matching functions on a Corian® canvas. The idea of having personalized rain shower in any form, shape or size and not just picking an article designed by known or unknown industrial designer brings inspiration and creativity.

  • Can be concealed in most bathrooms
  • Remotely set from a pc, smart phone or tablet
  • Light switch sized touchscreen control customised to your bathroom design
  • Integrates with Unique Automation iShower and bathomatic range
  • Range of options to enhance the spa experience:
    • Instamist – soothing, controllable steam in seconds
    • Aromasense – infuses steam with essential oils
    • Chromasense – adjusts lighting and colours to your mood
    • AudioSense – moisture-proof wall mounted iPod dock

Sky Shower

steamomatic harnesses the power of steam generators perfected over 50 years to quietly and continuously deliver steam to your precise requirements. The systems boost aroma and chroma therapy together with music control to truly excel your private spa.

Our steam generators fill the range from 6.3kW to 60kW to satisfy any high end domestic installation.

Perfumes, colour light and music can be stored as part of a preset and the system can be run from anywhere using smart devices, PC or an automation system like Crestron®.

  steamomatic user manual

    • SteadySteam – provides continuous steam at a steady temperature for a quieter and more comfortable experience.
    • Instamist – accelerates steam output from the generator.
    • Easy-to-use touch-screen user interface has a minimalist, white or black all-glass fascia and operates all steam function and SPA features (colour lights, music, scents, etc). Customised fascias are also available to suit any bathroom scheme. It measures only 87mm x 87mm (3,3/8” x 3,3/8”).
    • Scents feature – allows the user to choose between two different aromas right from the steam shower controller. Five scents are available:
      • Restore – Refreshes and rejuvenates the spirit with: Orange California, pine needle, ho-oil, frankincense, patchouli, citrus labdanum, vetiver and cedarwood virginia essential oils
      • Relax – Balances mood, clears the mind with: lavender, lavendin super, orange, geranium, cedarwood, marjoram and frankincense essential oils
      • Renew – Comforts and revives the soul with: Cedarwood Virginia, grapefruit, peru balsam, lavendin, lime, sweet basil, elemi, clary sage and angelica root essential oils
      • Energise – Stimulates and empowers the mind with: Rosemary, lemongrass, orange, ginger root, red grapefruit, mandarin orange, and cinnamon leaf essential oils
      • Respiratory – Soothes the respiratory system with: sage, hyssop, eucalyptus globules, spruce needle, eucalyptus radiate, thyme and myrtle essential oils
    • Chroma feature – colour light control allowing the freedom of creating certain moods and energy.
    • Audio feature – allows the choice of 3 audio sources (such as an iPod, iPhone or in-home sound system) and a choice of two speaker package options, including exposed and concealed
    • Steam head – features a low-profile look, 360° steam dispersion, and an essential oil reservoir.
    • Auto drain – a compulsory option on all generator models.

    Warranty Information

    Unique Automation offers a limited lifetime warranty on all residential steam generators


  • Hand shower
  • Custom motorised kit to fill thicker baths (typically for stone or wood baths)

3D User User Interface:

Dimensions (Ø x D) mm inches
74 x 18 2.91 x 0.71
Wall requirements
Can be mounted on a wall without back box with cut out for the wire

Digital Water Mixer

Dimensions (W x H x D) mm inches
225 x 163 x 70 8.86 x 6.42 x 2.76

Motorised waste/drain kit

Diameter / Thickness / Clearance mm inches
Overflow 50 / 2-8 / 30 2 / 0.08-0.32 / 1.18
Waste (with shallow P-trap) 50 / 2-11 / 130 2 / 0.08-0.43 / 5.12


Flow rate: 37 l/min at 60psi
Hand shower flow rate: 12 l/min at 60psi

Technical Data:

Supply voltage DBM: 220-240 V AC, 50 Hz / 110 V AC, 60 Hz
Supply voltage controls: 12V DC
Cabling: CAT5

  • iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • iOS 8.3 or later
  • bathomatic system wired to a network with WiFi access

Price: free

Bathomatic has an open API making it ideal for integration with smart home systems. Applications, modules and drivers.