Your guests will forget the color of the curtains, the softness of the linen or what their choice for dinner was. But they will never forget the way you made them feel.

You have to accept it – you will not have the clients you want, you will have the clients who want you. So, orchestrate the best experience for them.
Unique Automation gives you the competitive edge over the fancy hotels near you.
Our products are a smart combination of luxury and practicality. Smart, eco-friendly and energy efficient they fit perfectly with today’s conscientious construction. And their technology interacts seamlessly with the most advanced home automation systems.
With us on your side your competitor’s bathrooms will look like a budget accommodation.

On the other hand, as a hotel-keeper, you pay less and less in time, energy and waste. For guests like it effortless and instant, when out of home, but they are not the ones facing the consequences when they fail to turn off the shower, leave the bath running, etc.
In one year, an average hotel wastes over £18,000 in energy due to overfilled baths alone. Flooding and water damage is another major expense. The smart solution is to incorporate the latest developments and trends in creating a premium bathroom, you can fully control.
So, send us your inquiry! Yesterday.