For Him

Now you know it. You are just a click away from a totally different bath experience. You are able to seamlessly control all appliances  via a smart device. You can play with the water flow, temperature, steam, lights, fragrances, etc. from anywhere on Earth.
So, are you man enough to confess you enjoy big boys’ toys? Are you smart enough to agree that those high-tech gadgets make our daily round run nice & easy.
Unique Automation’s innovation turns chores into quality time, that could be wisely spent quite differently. Designed to be yours the iShower is simply an extension of the mind, working via smart phone. The tub’s response to your commands is also instant and accurate: precise temperatures, exact depth, water intensity and style, bubbles, fragrances… And you can even turn the bathroom into a therapeutic steam room just like that.

→ It’s not rocket science

→ Never fails

→ You are in control

→ Safety’s guaranteed

→ Fits your rhythm

You want the best and we give the best!

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For Her

You come home to your body; not to your furniture or walls. No high heels, no make-up, no bra, no “how do I look”. Just you — fit or fat, tired or trilled your bathtub is always ready for you.
Going back to the embracing water, which once we used to inhabit, is relaxing and refreshing. But the hussle and bussle of preparing a bath on your own is never that sexy; especially when you are in the leisure mood. Release your mind and the body will follow. Your personal caretaker is just an App on the phone, disposable any time any place. With us you can prepare your finest tub from literally anywhere, just tapping on the screen – essential oils that arouse or soothe your senses, temperature that caress your skin and lights that synchronize with your frame of mind.
We simplified your decision on whether to take or not to take a bath; and not only. No more floods, burning water or other worries. Take your time and ignore all the rest.

♥ It’s easy as pie

♥ You can count on it

♥ Remembers your preferences

♥ One fits all

♥ It’s so luxurious

Every girl has a soul place. Can the bathroom be your one?